At last a real use for th’internet. Tuva or bust.

Those looooong notes. My only regret in life is my inability to carry a tune, not even in a bucket.

“Analyze the impact of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on banks and devise a strategic course of action.” And anyone found using a crypto will thenceforth be called: The Target.

You are so right and after this weeks debacle I shall be moving to Linux.

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Master_Li’s Expert guide to Microstuf patch Tuesday.


I did and it’s taken me four days to sort it out. P’raps I should have listened to my own advice

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Oh my. Ware ye the Ninja onion choppers.
Gawd-n-Bennett Going girlie again; this is for Cloggy.

She does, and always has done it for me. If you’d permit me one last visit to my schoolboy humour: I’d have killed to see Kate’s Bush.

Pointless, talentless wanna-be-nobodies grabbing the lime light.

Meanwhile: a reality check…..

That’s where our £280 million aid money goes; well not for much longer.

Syria, Iraq, Ukraine in civil meltdown. Greece, Spain, Italy in financial meltdown. Ebola, poisoned ground water, Chernobyl, Fukashima in environmental meltdown and what do we worry about: Hover motors!

Tumblr refuses to accept links -in the normal way- from RT. To coin an Americanism: Crock of shit!
If Max Kingers ran the wars there’d be less bombs and bullets and more accessorizing. My all time Mash character.